Darkness- Let’s Embrace It Within Us That Nobody Talks About

Every one believes in embracing the glorious mess, I was told to embrace the darkness and I believe it’s the wiser thing to do.

What is night without darkness? You prefer to pick day over night but it is in dark that you sleep peacefully without any fear. It is darkness in which you confide your deepest secrets. What is your skeleton filled closet if not a dark dungeon? Things you deeply desire but don’t talk about. It is in darkness you prefer to stay when everything around seems to fall apart.

We often celebrate with large groups but prefer to mourn alone. Humans are the most complicated creatures on this planet. There was a time when we were fragile, now we are no less than stone cold living beings who no longer believe in emotions and attachments.

Darkness is not a negativity, it is a facet of ourselves that few are willing to talk about because they’re too afraid or ashamed to talk about. People who fearlessly portray their dark side are referred as the devil worshippers. Atheists, Gothic, Demonic, Satanic are only few words to describe them.

But are they really? Think about it for a moment. It is easy to label someone with anything but do we ever consider why we do it? What is the true significance of their actions? What do their words imply? To have a perspective of your own and to be able to understand a perspective is totally different. Views and opinions matter.

Darkness introduces you to yourself. We conceal it rather than embracing it due to the opinion of others. In your life, how important is another person’s opinion? Would you rather believe in yourself or someone who simply knows or has seen you? Consider yourself as a book and the author of it. With so many characters who walk into your life in different chapters, how many have read the full book? You are the only one who knows your tale. I’m sure no one has access to your entire book.

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